Tricks Land Based Casinos Use

For the past century, there have been many industries that have become popular around the world. These are industries that attract millions of people, create billions in revenue, and have changed the face of the modern world, as we know it. Among these is one that has become an entire force of its own: the casino industry. Casinos can be found everywhere, and for most of their existence, they could be found as physical buildings dotted throughout countries such as New Zealand. They dominated the gambling world, and there were few other players that players could go to enjoy their favourite casino games. The land based casino edge has always been an important part of the industry, and why casinos have gone to great lengths to draw and keep as many players as possible.

Then came the online casino industry, and soon enough it became the preferred go-to for anyone wanting to play a slot machine or enjoy some blackjack. Apart from their sheer convenience, many of these online casinos were designed to be everything their land-based counterparts were not. A better edge, more bonus deals, higher payouts, and less manipulation are part of the answer to why are online casinos better.

No Time Keeping

This is something that it impossible to notice until someone points it out to you. Land-based casinos are designed in a very specific way, and most of that designed is centred around keeping players inside the building. One way of doing this is by keeping any sort of time-keeping devices, such as clocks, away from the players so that they can’t keep track of how long they’ve been playing.

This extends further to not having any open windows, so that players can’t keep an eye on the light changing outside. Not only does this keep players going for longer, but it also makes them tired and more prone to mistakes, which adds into the land based casino edge.

Near Wins

Slot machines are built around a system called RNG, and this ensures that everything is as random as possible. This does not mean that these machines are completely honest, though, and spending any objective time with them can quickly make you realise this. Many slot machines are designed to keep right at the edge of a big win, perhaps never more than one symbol away from the perfect combination. This keeps you wanting more, making you believe you’re never far away. Of course, this land based casino edge also means that they make that little bit extra per player.

Free Bonuses

There’s nothing than something that’s free, and physical casinos have long used this to attract and keep new players. The offer of something free, such as a coupon for free spins is a sure way of getting a player hooked. The more time the player spends at the machines or at the table, the better the land based casino edge, allowing the casino to grind down at the player’s funds.

Online Casinos

Why are online casinos better? This is something that many players ponder when deciding on which to choose. The fact of the matter is that online casinos have their own house edge to maintain, but the degree of manipulation in comparison to a land based casino is almost non-existent.

Anyone online casinos offering their services in New Zealand tend to a much better choice overall, and provide a much higher chance of winning real money, answering the question of why are online casinos better.