New Zealand Poker Machines

Over a hundred years ago the first pokies machine was invented. This was a major breakthrough for the gambling industry and this machine eventually went on to become the prototype for the pokies games that we love and enjoy online today. Created by Charles Fey, a car mechanic, the first pokies game was called the Liberty Bell and featured this iconic image, along with card values on its spinning reels. The game was an instant hit and was soon being manufactured for pubs and saloons across the States. Over the years the popularity of this game grew internationally and casinos everywhere offered this form of entertainment to their players. A game that is as popular as pokies but requires more skill is poker machines, and although this card game predates pokies machines, it also become a favourite of many a player over the years.

In the late 1970’s International Game Technology (IGT) decided to combine the thrill and fast pace of pokies with the skill and style of a poker game, and created the very first video poker machine. This machine was a massive success and in the 90’s when online nz casino were opening their virtual doors it made the very successful transition from the land based arena to the digital environment. Today, poker machines are adored by millions of players all across the world because they offer so much more than your average slot machine. Strategies and skill play a huge part in being successful in this game and the results are not simply based on chance, but on the prowess a player exhibits in every hand. There are a variety of different versions of poker machines in a land based casino and many more in an online casino, and players can enjoy single and multi-hand games as they desire.

New Online Poker Machines

As poker machines NZ continued to grow in popularity the amount of different games available have increased dramatically as players want to enjoy fresh and innovative versions of all their favourite styles. Top online casino software developers have created a number of different and exciting variants and some of the more popular games include Tens or Better, Joker Poker, Deuces poker and Double Double Bonus poker. Every single one of these poker machines offers amazing winning opportunities and the game is renowned for having a very favourable edge, giving players a greater chance of winning in every hand.

One of the best features of poker machines is that every single time you play a game it can be different. The hands you are dealt may have a finite number of cards, but the combinations are almost endless and the different variants allow for you to switch to a new style whenever you desire. As this is a game of skill it’s recommended that you try the free games first and master the art of the game before you play for real money, as you may find yourself losing out if you are not sure of the rules or terminology. This game is one that allows for the use of strategy and many players study possible hands or even pause mid play to check that their move is going to benefit them. This is one of the major advantages of playing online as the games feature added enhancements and allow for a player to gamble at their leisure, rather than in the high pressure environment of a real casino where every hand forces you to wager for real.

Only The Best Poker Machines in NZ

As you browse through our website you will notice many casinos offer poker machines. We have all played these games and have checked that they run smoothly, offers amazing visuals sound quality and generous payout. We have also checked that the sites we recommend all offers adequate support options and that playing for free and real money is on offer. Additionally we have checked that the banking options are safe and secure and that only reliable service providers are utilised, and that bonuses are generous and rewarding. We put each casino to the test and make sure that your online poker machines NZ experience is always top class.