Crash Gambling - One Of The Best Games In New Zealand in 2023

There’s a good chance that you have heard of crash betting. This simple but fun game has taken the online casino world by storm.

But what is crash betting and how does it work? And is it a game that you should start playing? Because of these questions we’ve put together a comprehensive overview of crash betting. Including all the information every New Zealander needs to know to start playing right now.

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What Is Crash Gambling?

Crash betting is a fast, fun, and nail biting way to get involved in exciting online betting. It requires players to bet on the outcome of a virtual crash, as a multiplier increases. However, this multiplier will suddenly crash without warning, resulting in a losing bet. The trick is to cash out at just the right time and avoid the crash.

The very first instance of a crash game came from a game of CS:GO. This popular game was a part of a growing movement among players. This movement saw players gambling on the different skins in the game. And as it grew, it became an entire game of its own.

Further down the line, companies began to marry the crash gambling game with cryptocurrencies. Players who exited the game prior to the crash would win and claim a sum (in crypto) that was equal to the multiplier at their time of exit. However, when they lost, their earnings were forfeited too.

There’s no doubt that it has been a remarkable success on all sides. And the many players that love crash gambling are testament to this. This is why it’s one of the top games you should be playing right now!

How To Play Crash Casino Games

Now let’s take a look at how crash casino games actually work. Let’s start by looking at the fundamentals in our handy game guide below.

Crash is a game that is based on luck. It’s also extremely easy to learn and perfect for any skill level; and the first thing to know is the cashout value. This value is what players will put their money down on. Once this has been done, the game can begin!

The idea of crash casinos and their games is simple.

  • To start, players have to make bets on their cashout value. And this is done before the beginning of the next round.
  • Once this next round begins, there will be a short time limit.
  • The amount that the player has chosen is important, and it will be the amount that the player is able to cashout.
  • The cashout needs to take place before the crash takes place. If they cashout before the crash, they win the extra amount.
  • If the crash happens at a value lower than the cashout, the player loses.

This is an exciting game and you never know what is going to happen next.

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The Types of Crash Casino Gaming

You will encounter three different types of cash gambling. These include:

  • Bitcoin Betting on Crash: All the joy of crash betting but with the convenience of cryptocurrencies.
  • CS:GO Crash betting: The original type of crash betting that is very much still going today.
  • Coin Crash Gambling: These are games that accept different popular currencies like the dollar. And you can deposit your currency of choice and begin making the most of the latest crash betting games!

Crash gaming will continue to evolve as more players in New Zealand start to enjoy it. Start a trend now!

Payment Methods For Crash

There are plenty of ways to pay for crash casino games. These payment methods are supported by different casinos. And generally include the following:

  • Debit and credit cards
  • Digital e-wallets
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Preloaded paycards

The money is sent through to the account, and this is always a quick and easy process. This makes enjoying the latest crash gambling so much easier.

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Betting Options For Crash Gambling

There are two main types of betting for crash gambling: auto betting and manual betting

  • Manual betting: Here, you are directly involved in the betting process. Which means that you have a much finer control over how the betting takes place.
  • Auto betting: This is perfect for the player that wants to limit their interactions. And instead rely on an automatic system to make bets for them.

Both of these systems have their pros and cons and it’s ultimately up to your style of play. But both are excellent ways to win money with crash gambling. We highly recommend trying both of these out!

What Makes Crash Casino Games So Special?

Now that you know how they work, let’s explore what makes these games so fun to play.

  • It offers something unique and different. And this is because there are no other types of casino gaming that are similar to crash gambling. Because you are able to cashout at any time, you have every advantage available.
  • Almost all crash games on offer by NZD casinos are fair. That means that you can rest easy knowing that you’re not being duped out of your hard-earned cash.
  • Huge potential to win big. And this is because most crash casino games offer the chance to 100x your bet. And being able to cashout at any time makes all the difference to your bankroll.

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Betting Strategies For Crash Gaming

The three best strategies for crash gaming include:

  • The Martingale: A popular strategy that’s also easy to use. This strategy has you doubling your wager every time you lose a game. And this has become a successful strategy for many players out there.
  • The Automatic cashout: This has become a popular method of playing the game for many. And sees many of the normal gaming tasks completely automated. And it’s great for players that want to maximise the amount of times that they win consistently.
  • The Fibonacci Strategy: Although great for long-term success, this strategy is best for seasoned players.

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Crash Betting NZ FAQ

These games are on offer at top New Zealand online casinos.

Not only is crash gambling legit, but has great support in many countries. Making is a natural choice for most modern casino players.

Always choose sites that have the latest games. And also provide a fair and reputable service.

Like most casino games, crash gaming comes with its own special bonuses. We recommend always looking for new bonuses as they become available so you can start winning today.