Play The Best New Zealand Live Dealer Online Casino Games

There are those New Zealanders happy with RNG software gambling, and those that demand authenticity. Live dealer casinos are for the latter group, being based around real dealers and real games. Simply put, there is no more authentic way to gamble online.

No RNG is used, every spin of the wheel or card dealt is authentic, and it is all available online. Live casinos are even playable on mobile devices, meaning that they can be accessed anywhere, and at any time. Assuming that a strong enough internet connection is available.

But how does it all work, and is there any benefit to live dealer casinos?

Is There Any Benefits To Live Casinos?

RNG gambling software works fine and does what it was designed to do. But for many New Zealanders, playing with software just doesn’t capture what gambling is all about. After all, casinos have a certain ambience, professional dealers do their job flawlessly, and celebrating wins just isn’t the same without other players. It is for this exact reason that live casinos were invented.

Live dealer casinos are 100% authentic, from the cards and spinning wheels to the professional croupiers. It all takes place in a broadcast studio, is shot live, and the feed is sent directly to players around the world. So there really isn’t any true benefit to speak of, other than the authenticity angle. Though, you might count the exclusive games as a benefit, given that they are only available as live versions.

Most Popular Live Casino Games Online

There is a big difference between a pokie and a table game. Pokie players are generally happy spinning the reels in solitude, putting their fate in the hands of RNG. Many table game enthusiasts, perhaps you, much prefer tangible, physical objects. Hence, the most popular games to play at live casinos are table games.

Live baccarat, live Poker, live Roulette and live Blackjack are the favourites. There are a few tweaks and interesting changes in some versions, but for the most part the games are 100% according to traditional rules. There is also the new wave of Game Show style entertainment. It is exactly what it sounds like, aiming to make you feel like you’re part of a real Game Show. The most popular Game Show titles are Dreamcatcher and Crazy Time, while Monopoly Live and Deal Or No Deal Live are also getting a lot of attention.

How To Find A Great Live Dealer Casino

So, how do you find good live dealer casinos? You can head off and search sites manually yourself, or you can stick with us.

It is our mission to find the best online casinos in the world, analyse them, and post our reviews right here. We spend time playing the games, including those with live dealers. We also check out the promotions and bonuses. When we find something we like we’ll let you know.

Of course, we’re also very strict about licenses and legality. We never promote any site that is operating outside the law, and are very careful to only review casinos with good reputations. So if you’re ready to jump in and try out a bit of live Poker, live Roulette, or whatever else you enjoy, take a look out our reviews to get off to a good start.

Don’t forget; we update regularly as new sites become available.


Yes, some casinos have tournament events based around their live casino catalogue. Availability will vary depending on each site and what they currently offer. So stick with us and we’ll try and let you know when tournaments are kicking off.

Of course. Some sites will have bonuses specifically for their live games, while others simply offer Bonus Cash rewards. Bonus Cash can generally be used to play all games at a casino, including those that are broadcast.

All casino games have strategy guides, which means that live games will work using the same guides. Live Roulette is identical to any other version of Roulette, so the same strategies apply. If you want to play with a guide, then find a guide and start playing.

Software based online casino games work using a Random Number Generator (RNG.) This software is designed to be 100% fair and unbiased, and cannot be tampered with. But many New Zealanders still prefer the authenticity of real tables and real dealers.

It depends on your smartphone, but most likely. Live games are simply a real time video that utilises a software overlay, which means that it isn’t as technologically demanding as might be expected. The real trick is that high quality video feeds require strong, stable internet connections. If the connection isn’t stable, it can lead to a poor experience. If you do play on your smartphone, be sure to connect to a stable Wi-Fi connection.