Online Bingo New Zealand

Bingo is a game that widely known across the world and hugely enjoyed because of its simple yet engaging premise. Originally created in the United States as a game called Beano, the game has grown tremendously over the last hundred years and is now available at all the top rated New Zealand online casinos. The very first ever recorded bingo games was at a carnival in Georgia in 1929 and the game has certainly come a long way since these humble beginnings. You can enjoy all the fast-paced fun and action that bingo has to offer online or on your mobile, and there’s no better way to play this exciting game!

Bingo was always a game that held limited appeal due to where and when was enjoyed. You’d see this game at churches, schools, charity events, local fairs and also bingo halls, but there was nowhere that offered the type of play we experience online today. This bingo game has forever been changed with the operation and growth of the online casino gambling industry and has become a frim favourite of many a New Zealand player. Simple to understand, easy to play and requiring little to no skill, the game of bingo is based purely on chance and players are able to indulge their lucky side and relax every time they buy a ticket. There are now hundreds of online establishments offering the bingo games online and it can be a tough decision choosing where to play.

We are here to help you choose online bingo sites that offers an exceptional entertainment experience and we offer you a selection of wonderful virtual bingo venues that we have tried and tested out ourselves. The online bingo sites we have listed on our website have proven to offer great quality online casino games that feature amazing visuals, good sound quality and overall excellent play. We also check the social aspect of online bingo out and make sure that the chat programs offer added incentives and connect you with likeminded people who also love this game.

Trusted New Zealand Online Bingo Sites

The large majority of online bingo sites will offer the same versions of bingo that you are already familiar with. You will find bingo games such as 90 and 75 ball bingo, progressive bingo and jackpot bingo. There will also often be different types of casino games that you can play should you want to try something other than bingo. Scratchcards, online pokies, keno, progressive slots, video slots and other popular games are all on offer and casual and pro players can switch between entertainments as they desire. The selection of bingo halls that we reference on this website has all been approved by our team of reviewers and you’ll always enjoy exceptional online entertainment and big winning opportunities with every card you play.

Online bingo is the perfect antidote for the player who never finds time to visit a casino when it’s open, or who just wants to enjoy a quick game on the go. There’s no need to spend hours searching for a bingo site, simply click on one of the top rated establishments listed here and start having fun in an instant. The social element of bingo has been successfully transferred online with chat room and other communication options available for players who want to share their experiences or connect with those who enjoy the same type of entertainment.

Anyone can play online bingo due to it being such a simple and fun game. Bingo allows you to relax and engage in a simple form of entertainment and the autoplay features and multiple cards allow you to enjoy almost automatic game play that can result in quick wins and big rewards. Bingo prizes are not just cash; they can also be electronic good, exotic holidays or even cars or jewellery! Playing bingo is fun and rewarding and it’s suited to anyone from age 18-80!

If you want to play online bingo games that is simple, fun, entertaining, friendly and overall incredible, then online bingo is for you. The selection of online bingo halls that we promote on our site is geared towards offering New Zealand players a top notch gambling experience at their leisure and we guarantee you will always enjoy top quality bingo when you select one of our top rated online bingo sites.